The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors recently approved a resolution to oppose the recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom. The Chamber believes that recalling the Governor will lead to a tumultuous and unnecessary interregnum where political wrangling and uncertainty will detract from the state’s economic relief efforts.

“Recalls were devised to be used with evidence of grave malfeasance and risk to the general public, and during a time when Californians face a wide range of threats to post-pandemic economic recovery, including a resurgence of coronavirus variants, struggles with the state’s power grid, devastating wildfires, and a historic drought, it is irresponsible to distract our officials from the economic recovery which Californians desperately need,.” Chamber President and CEO Maria S. Salinas said.

“The people of California will have the opportunity to choose whether or not the Governor should secure a second term in less than 11 months at the June 7, 2022, primary election and at the general election in 15 months,” Salinas continued. “Los Angeles business leaders call on Governor Newsom to recognize the concerns of individuals whose businesses create jobs, support families, supply industries, and grow the economy.”