Fair Fight Action, the voting rights organization founded by former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, is launching the 2.0 version of its “Hot Call Summer” campaign, a push to educate and mobilize voters of color and progressives around two federal voting rights bills, reports CBS News.

One of the measures, the “For the People Act,” has been passed by the House but was blocked by Republicans in the Senate, and the other, the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act,” is a bill co-sponsored by Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski but has not yet been introduced.

Fair Fight is arguing that several provisions must be included in any federal voting rights legislation: protection and expansion of mail voting; methods for reducing long lines at the polls; stopping threats to election workers and voter intimidation; ensuring the drawing of fair districts and ending partisan gerrymandering.

“Fair Fight Action is turning the heat up on Congress all summer long to ensure they take immediate action to establish minimum national voting standards and restore and strengthen the Voting Rights Act,” Hillary Holley, the Director of Organizing for Fair Fight Action, said in a statement. “With the recent Supreme Court decision on Brnovich v. DNC further weakening the Voting Rights Act, the urgent need for federal action to protect the freedom to vote is greater than ever.”

That decision in a case challenging Arizona election law upheld two state rules, finding that the restrictions did not violate Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. It came as Republican legislatures across the country have been considering changes to tighten their election laws in the wake of former President Trump’s unsuccessful election challenges after his loss to President Biden in the 2020 election.

The group launched its first phone campaign on the issue in June, resulting in calls from voters to 40,000 senators that month.