Many working-class families in Los Angeles County were hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic – especially communities of color. The impact of COVID-19 worsened pre-existing inequitable conditions such as wealth inequality, food insecurity, and the digital divide.

Los Angeles is set to obtain an unprecedented infusion of $1.3 billion from the federal government. President Biden has demanded his administration ensure the benefits of the package “go out quickly and directly to the American people, where they belong.”

The leaders and members of the Make LA Whole Coalition have created a bold community reinvestment platform that focuses on women, families, and youth as LA begins to work towards recovering from the profound inequities and inequalities caused by the pandemic.

“LA has the chance to set the bar and lead the nation for a recovery effort that places people and communities first,” said Community Coalition Executive Vice President Aurea Montes-Rodriguez. “Women, families, and children are central to that. During the past 13 months, women risked their lives to keep our families safe, supported, and fedas they kept our city afloat as frontline workers and caregivers.”

The plan “Making Los Angeles Whole” will prioritize families who were impacted the most by the pandemic, while also helping all of LA to thrive.

The investments include:

• $250 million for child and eldercare

• $100 million for training and finding employment for women and supporting women-owned small businesses

• $250 million to launch a comprehensive local housing stability program to cancel rent debt

• $100 million for leadership development and employment programs for high-need youth

• $100 million to provide at least two years of guaranteed basic income

• $200 million to support Community Intervention Workers, re-entry services, and the establishment of Healing Centers

The City Council and Mayor Garcetti will begin addressing how the federal funds will be spent in the days and weeks to come.