Jonathan Minero enrolled at Compton College to turn his passion into a career after working for several years following his graduation from high school. The Compton resident is a health and fitness enthusiast, incorporating it into all aspects of his life. He works out every day and has spent the last three years working full time (prior to the COVID-19 shutdown) as a personal trainer in Downey, Calif. This year, he launched his own personal training business.

Minero is a 2020 Compton College graduate who earned an associate degree in kinesiology and a second associate degree in health studies and physical education, as well as a certificate for personal training (PT). He will transfer to California State University, Long Beach this fall to major in kinesiology with an interest in possibly becoming a physical therapist or physician assistant.

He applies some of the same disciplines to his studies that he uses in his fitness regimen.

“I keep a goal book and journal my fitness activities and I read it every day,” Minero said. “As a personal trainer, I provide my clients with a fitness plan specific to their goals and then break it down into smaller achievable goals. I encourage them to make a commitment to themselves and take personal accountability.”

While at Compton College, Minero spent most of his time at the Library-Student Success Center as a student worker. He also took advantage of the numerous resources available there, including the computer lab, tutoring and tips on how to improve study methods.

“The library was one of my favorite spots on campus,” said Minero. “I would rent books and spend hours reading there.”

He liked working in the Library-Student Success Center because he could offer students referrals to all the student support services available on campus.

“I like going above and beyond to help other students,” he said. “In one case, he was able to refer a student with learning disabilities to Compton College’s Special Resource Center to get the help they needed.”

He also took advantage of many Transfer Center programs and talked with several college counselors, including a guided pathways counselor who helped him stay on course with his educational plan.

“The Extended Opportunity Programs and Services program is a big help to students because it provides tools and tips through helpful workshops and assist with expensive books by providing vouchers,” Minero said. In addition to the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS), Minero also received financial aid, which helped with enrollment fees and other college and living expenses.

“I like Compton College’s small campus environment, close community, and small classes—which allow for more personalized instruction for students,” he added. “I appreciate that there are plenty of resources available and that there were always faculty, counselors and staff members ready to offer you a hand.”