The City of Compton is calling for the immediate removal of three Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies assigned to Compton Station in connection to an investigation launched for the use of excessive force in a detainment that occurred on Sunday, May 31, with a Compton resident.  A video of the incident surfaced Monday morning that depicted three Sheriff deputies striking and kicking a civilian while detaining him.

Mayor Aja Brown and the members of the City Council addressed Sheriff Captain LaTonya Clark about this incident during the Compton City Council Meeting of June 2 and reiterated that swift action must be taken.

“Our top priority is ensuring the safety of our residents. When the video surfaced, city leadership immediately called for a swift investigation. While we understand an investigation has been initiated, we are calling upon the Sheriff’s Department to remove the deputies in question from providing law enforcement to the residents of Compton,” Brown said. “It is our expectation that all deputies that are placed in service for our city, paid by taxpayers, will provide our residents with the basic dignity and human rights that we deserve.”