Cirque du Soleil returns to Los Angeles with “VOLTA,” under the Big Top in the Dodger Stadium parking lot through March 8.

Inspired in part by the street sport culture, “VOLTA” explores the themes of celebrating differences and unique qualities of the world’s people. The energetic, urban show highlights acrobatics inspired in part by the adventurous spirit that fuels the culture of street sports including BMX biking, acrobatics, trampoline and double-dutch jump rope. The cast of urban sports enthusiasts, dressed in vibrant, colorful attire, defy convention.

“VOLTA” features a full-blown BMX park mounted on stage for the breathtaking BMX finale as riders invade the stage to deliver a jaw-dropping, fast and furious performance of nonstop acrobatics on wheels. The riders go up the jump boxes and perform air tricks before landing and leaping off the ramps again, crisscrossing and spinning their bikes in midair.

Particularly entrancing is the act which is prominently featured in the show advertising: a woman who performs acrobatic moves and dances in midair, while being suspended by her hair.

The name “VOLTA” refers to a sudden about-face, a change in emotion or idea often used in poetry. The show is Cirque du Soleil’s 41st original production since 1984. The company has brought wonder to more than 190 million spectators in more than 450 cities on six continents.

Tickets can be purchased by visiting or calling (877) 924-7783.