The city of Palmdale will hold a city council workshop on Tuesday, April 16, at 7 p.m. at the new Courson Art Colony, 939 E. Ave Q-12, to discuss public art.

“We will present Palmdale’s Public Arts Master Plan to the City Council for discussion,” Palmdale’s Director of Recreation and Culture Keri Smith said.

The city’s draft of its Public Master Art Plan is the result of a yearlong planning process with consultants Gail M. Goldman Associates and Elwood & Associates. The plan provides a clear vision for the future of public art in Palmdale for the next decade, and outlines goals for the selection and placement of public art, programming opportunities, strategic partnerships, and funding opportunities. It includes policy and procedure recommendations, as well as direction for ongoing program development, and management.

“We’re asking residents to come to the meeting wearing red to show their support for public art in Palmdale,” Smith said. “Sir Peter Hall, a renowned geographer, and authority on economic, demographic, cultural, and management issues facing cities once said, ‘The innovative cities of the coming age will develop a creative union of technology, arts, and civics.’ Our plan is a bold new step in the direction of building that union.”

For more information, please call (661) 267-5611