Jordan Jackson (269347)

Jordan Jackson is the owner of Birch & Pen Boutique in the Northwoods Mall in Charleston, South Carolina. Just 19 years old, Jordan just closed the deal to open his first retail store location. Birch & Pen will open its doors to the public on Thursday, Nov. 1 with its grand opening on Saturday, Nov. 3. The opening makes Jackson the youngest storeowner in the mall. “I wanted to be a young boss, I didn’t want to be a social media guru or whatever, I wanted to have my own locations and stuff like that,” the teen told Fox 57. He already manages an online clothing store called 21 Ace. Owning a business is something Jackson says he always wanted to do. Birch and Pen is a clothing and accessories boutique that “specializes in high-fashion, trendy apparel for men and women at affordable prices” reports the Charleston Chronicle. One of the store’s major standards is to encourage customers to take risks, in both business and casual wear. According to the Chronicle, Jackson has a strong eye for fashion and design and found himself constantly being sought out for his advice on style and clothing. He also does home-staging, decorating and furniture building/refurbishing. Now he wants to put his energy and experience into operating his own retail clothing store.