Halle Berry (267806)

Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry is not known as a fighter, not in real life and not in the roles she has played. But Berry is not set to produce, star in and direct a martial arts drama called “Bruised,” reports Variety. The movie isn’t scheduled to begin production until March of 2019, as aspects of are still being developed. Berry will direct from a script by Michelle Rosenfarb, portraying a disgraced MMA fighter who has to face one of the rising stars of the MMA world and deal with the return of her 6-year-old son to the mother he deserves. She will work with the team that executes fight choreography for the “John Wick” series. Berry was cast in her first movie role in Spike Lee’s “Jungle Fever.” She became the first Black woman to win the best actress Oscar for her performance in 2001’s “Monster’s Ball.” The 52-year-old Berry has starred in more than 40 films that included the first Black “Bond” girl and the first Black “Catwoman.”