Sherra Wright, once wife of Lorenzen Wright, who played in the NBA and was the father of her children, has been arrested and charged with first degree murder in connections with his death in 2010. Last month, a man named Billy Turner was arrested and charged with murder as well. So far, investigators have said Turner and Sherra Wright were associates, although the extent of their relationship was not detailed. Lorenzen Wright was found in a field near Memphis with multiple gunshot wounds from two different weapons. He had called 911 on the night of his disappearance, but it was days before he was found. And by then his body was so decomposed authorities were unable to tell how many bullets had entered his body. Sherra Wright was arrested in California and is expected to be extradited back to Memphis where she and Wright once lived and where police say the murder took place. It hasn’t yet been confirmed, but authorities think Sherra may have conspired with Turner to kill her husband for his $1 million life insurance policy.