Lil Peep, a 21-year-old rapper who blended hip hop with a music called emo, died Wednesday while on his tour bus near Tucson. Initial reports say he died from an overdose of Xanax. A spokesperson for his record label, First Access Entertainment, confirmed the death to the New York Times. The CEO of First Access added that his mother said she was proud of her son and what he had already accomplished in his short life. The Tucson Police Dept. released a statement that said the young rapper was pronounced dead on his tour bus at about 9 p.m., just hours before he was scheduled to perform at a club called the Rock. Police report they found evidence that Lil Peep died from an overdose of the anti-anxiety medication Xanax. Also known as Gustav Ahr, Lil Peep grew up in California as the son of a college professor and elementary school teacher. He was a rising star in the southern California area. However, the New York Times reports he struggled with drug use and suicidal impulses.