(Via International Business Times) – R&B singer Usher reportedly paid a woman $1.1 million after allegedly infecting her with genital herpes, according to legal documents obtained by Radar Online. The court papers emerged Wednesday, but they were created in 2012.

“The Voice” alum, born Usher Raymond IV, was reportedly diagnosed with herpes for many years prior to his encounter with the woman, according to the court documents. The victim alleges that the singer didn’t inform her that he was a herpes carrier before engaging in unprotected sex with her.

The complaint was made at the Superior Court in Los Angeles, California. The unidentified woman claims to have experienced “emotional distress” following her genital herpes diagnosis, according to the legal documents.

“Not a day has gone by where she does not feel desolation and despair about her herpes infection knowing that there is no cure,” the documents read. “Her infection has destroyed her sense of self, wholeness, health and beauty as she fears she will never be able to have the type of relationship she had hoped for.”

According to the court papers, the alleged victim received the results from her blood test March 20, 2012, indicating “she was positive for genital herpes and her doctor told her it was a first-time infection.” Usher agreed to pay the woman’s medical expenses upon diagnosis, totaling $2,754.40 on the legal papers.

The “DJ Got Us Falling In Love” singer, who reportedly acquired the virus in either 2009 or 2010, was in the process of divorcing Tameka Foster Raymond. His ex-wife cited cheating as the primary reason for separation. He is now married to Grace Miguel, tying the knot with the former executive chef on “The Cosby Show” in 2015.

The state of California has several laws designated to transmission and exposure of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to an unaffected individual, according to Criminal Defense Lawyer’s website. Jail time, registration on a sex offenders list and fines up to $50,000 are among a list of penalties one can face for STD transmission. STD punishments vary per state, with some only citing exposure to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) as a punishable act.

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Genital herpes is a very commonly spread and incurable STD in the United States, affecting roughly one out of every six people between the ages 14 and 49, according to Centers For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). It can be spread vaginally, orally or anally. Most affected individuals possess minimal to no symptoms, making it harder to distinguish. However, healthcare providers can often determine genital herpes by simply evaluating a patient’s symptoms.

Twitter also reacted to the announcement, making Usher a trending topic on the social media platform. However, most users poked fun at Usher’s diagnosis.

One user said, “Usher passin out herpes like they graded papers, R. Kelly running a secrete sex slave trading center, its been a sad week for R&B lol.” Another added, “Everybody coming back on twitter after getting off work just to see that Usher has herpes, r.kelly’s slave’s video and kevin hart cheating.”