A judge this week dismissed a lawsuit filed by a woman who alleged she was owed money for developing a marketing and touring plan for comedian Katt Williams.

“This matter is going nowhere,” Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Terry Green said in tossing Eboni Gray’s case.

Green had ordered Gray to appear in person for today’s hearing and waited 40 minutes after calling the case for the first time to give her more time to arrive. When she failed to do so, the judge recalled the case and ordered its dismissal.

No attorney appeared at the hearing on Gray’s behalf.

The 45-year-old Williams was represented by lawyer Melissa McLaughlin.

In June, Gray wrote the judge a letter stating that she was incarcerated in Texas on a drug charge and was trying to get a reduction in her $60,000 bail. She also wrote that she had filed papers seeking a default judgment against Williams for his alleged failure to take part in court-ordered mediation.

Green said it was unclear whether Gray was still behind bars.

Gray’s suit, filed in December 2014, said she and Williams were living together when he allegedly agreed to her marketing plan in 2012. Gray alleged that she fulfilled her obligations and Williams made a significant amount of money, but he concealed his earnings from the plaintiff and did not pay her.