A new program under the auspices of the Center for Cultural Innovation is launching its third year of operations designed to provide financing to startup and expanding micro enterprises in the city of Los Angeles that are new or have five or fewer employees.

The Creative Economic Development Fund (CEDF) targets independent businesses, self-employed artists or cultural producers, artist collectives or nonprofits with earned income to receive one of eight grants of up to $12,500.

Eligible enterprises must be based in the arts, culture or independent design; apply commercial strategies that make or will make a positive economic contribution to the city; have owners (or at least one) who is based in Los Angeles—either currently living and/or working in Los Angeles County; has five or fewer employees; be in good standing with the City of Los Angeles.

The deadline for submissions is noon April 3 with one information session expected to be held to explain the program.

Additional information is available by contacting artists manager, Allison Wyper, at www.cciart.org or by calling (213) 687-8577.