Autumn in the Antelope Valley traditionally brings robust breezes and mounds and mounds of fallen leaves. They’re usually everywhere, so that’s why Waste Management’s Fall Leaf Collection Program can assist Lancaster residents with bagging leaves separately from their normal trash bins.

Officials with the program say that the most effective way to keep neighborhood streets clean is to bag the leaves, instead of blowing them onto someone else’s property which, in the end, only leads to clogging storm water inlets which will increase flooding during storms. So, for a 90-day period from December through February, Waste Management will pick up the leaves for free. Simply place the leaves with other yard clippings and set them out the night before trash pickup.

The Fall Leaf Collection Program is a boost to the city’s green waste diversion efforts as the majority of the debris can be transformed into compost needed for spring planting. Officials at Waste Management and the city of Lancaster urge residents to collect and bag the leaves when necessary in order to avoid sweepers making an extra trip to dump their cargo. Street sweeping schedules may need to be modified to ensure that all streets are swept on their regularly scheduled days.