The Board of Trustees of Compton Community College will appoint an individual to fulfill the remainder of a seat recently vacated by trustee Leslie Irving. The deadline to submit an application is Oct. 7.

Irving, who represented District 2 on the board, which serves residents in Willowbrook, West Compton and Athens, has resigned from the board because she has moved out of the area. The term ends when the next trustee member is elected to the board on Nov. 7, 2017.

Trustees of Compton College serve as part of an advisory committee to a special trustee appointed by the California Community College Chancellor. The special trustee was appointed in 2011 to make decisions for the elected board of trustees in the wake of findings that the then-sitting board faced fiscal and academic challenges.

The advisory committee provides advice to the special trustee of the Compton Community College District. Membership on the committee will provide an opportunity to network with others within and outside the Compton Community College District community. The committee will learn about issues affecting Compton Community College District and become familiar with a range of resources available to assist the district in addressing local and regional issues. The committee will learn how resources will be used to do the most good for the district in sustaining fiscal stability, quality instruction, educational mission and ultimately accreditation.

The board will hold a special meeting on Oct. 20 to review applications followed by a second meeting on Oct. 26 to interview applicants and make the appointment to fill the vacant seat.

Interested individuals must live in the district which the seat represents. For specific information about qualifications, contact Keith Curry, Chief Executive Officer, Compton Community College District, 1111 E. Artesia Blvd., Compton, Calif, 90221.