The Palmdale Water District (PWD) is considering a possible rate increase of up to 5.5 percent to customer’s monthly service bill. The proposed increase would equal about $2.64 per month per residential household.

PWD officials said the prospective rate adjustment would provide “long-term” sustainable reliability.

“As part of the board, we want to ensure that the rate payer’s money is being used responsibly to reinvest in our community,” said Joe Estes, a member of the PWD board. “Initiatives such as the Regional Groundwater Recharge and Recovery Project is an example of our accountability to both our customers and the city.”

PWD officials said the district’s proposed adjustment would amount to less than the monthly residential (or business) charge at most neighboring water agencies. A recent press release from the PWD stated that their customers pay an average of $52.45 a month, while local L.A. County Waterworks customers reportedly pay $57.47 a month. Quartz Hill Water District customers pay a reported $53.47 each month, and customers in the Rosamond Community Services District pay $65.48 per month.

“Since 1918, the agency has done what is necessary to provide our customers with superior water,” said Kathy McLaren, board member with PWD. “Our city and the district have come a long way since then, and we will continue our efforts to innovatively advance and diversify our water portfolio to create the foundation for all city growth endeavors.”

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