One of the major concerns that Inglewood residents have with the developments at Hollywood Park, which will feature 75,000-seat NFL football stadium, is the traffic that will be created as the area swells up with spectators. Add in an open-air shopping mall, which will make the city of Inglewood a sports and entertainment destination, and locals have serious concerns about the difficulties of getting around.

The developers of this project have done traffic reports, and getting cars in and out of the area smoothly has been a priority. This issue was actually addressed more than 80 years ago, when Hollywood Park was built.

“If you look at Hollywood Park, built in the ’30s, as well as the Forum, built in the ’60s, and you look around the existing track, you see a lot of wide streets,” said Gerard McCallum, project manager for the Hollywood Park Land Company. “Prairie Avenue, Century Boulevard, Manchester Boulevard, That’s primary because the city, years ago, built an infrastructure to handle quite of a large number of people coming into the city. In the late ’90s, between the Lakers playoff games and the track running up to 80,000 people, the area was able to accommodate that.”

Even with the wide streets surrounding the area, the city’s traffic system needed to be addressed, because it has not been updated to be compatible with the intelligent traffic system that has been installed throughout the county.

While the area is expected to see a lot more traffic during the week because of a 6,000-seat performance arts venue, 800,000 square feet of retail space, 790,000 square feet of commercial space, 2,500 residential homes, and 25 acres of park space, the bulk of the traffic will come during NFL games, which may not be as big of an issue as people think it will be.

NFL games are on Sundays and a team only plays eight regular season home games a year.

There will be parking onsite, and within a mile and a half of the stadium, there will be over 44,000 parking spaces.

Fans riding the Metro will also provide relief by using shuttles that pick up from two stations.

Traffic studies have been included with the environmental report, which is available to the public.