With the demand for quality affordable education increasing, Shropshire University, a new online university, adds five graduate programs to its more than 120 courses. Applications open in late October.

Founded by Dr. Sonel Y. Shropshire, a former dean at the University of California Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount University and a strategic advisor to more than 350 colleges including Harvard and Georgetown, Shropshire opened the all-online university with the goal of higher education being accessible to all students.

Tuition includes installment plans which require no student loans, and there are professional mentors and academic advisors who are committed to the success of every student. Shropshire University’s curriculum is taught by highly-qualified professors with extensive academic and professional backgrounds in the respective subject they teach. “It’s a must that we create a productive transition from learning in the classroom to practical career advancement,” explains Shropshire.

Bachelor degree programs include: nursing, criminal justice, global business management, psychology, health administration, multicultural relations, information technology, English and creative writing, educational leadership, and philosophy and critical analysis. Master’s programs include: business management, criminal justice, psychology, international studies and multicultural relations.

For more information, candidates are encouraged to visit www.shropshire.university or send an e-mail to inquiry@shropshire.university.