The struggle to find oneself in this world can be a mysterious and turbulent journey; and no one knows this better than the talented and versatile Tyler Perry. This month, Bluewater Productions released a new biographical comic book of the life of Perry that will be an addition to their Fame comic series, available both digitally and in print for $3.99.

The 32-page comic delves deeply into the backstory of Perry and his struggles growing up as a less fortunate child and enduring an extremely abusive father. Dropping out of high school, Perry left to Atlanta to pursue his performing arts career, but faced much adversity along the way. Despite the amount of work he would put into writing and reformatting his plays, he was not receiving much support.

After years of failure, Perry considered committing suicide; he had suffered so many emotional and financial hardships trying to produce his failed plays that he was forced to live in his car, and occasionally a motel room when he could afford it. After receiving help and guidance from a local pastor in Atlanta, Perry gave his career as a playwright one last ditch effort by presenting his play I Know I’ve Been Changed at the House of Blues. The show turned out to be a huge success and it catapulted his career from the pits to the peak of popularity, especially when he decided to play the role of the popular character Madea, in the play I Can Do Bad All by Myself in 2000.

Writer C.R. Ward has truly captured what it means to start from the bottom and rise to the top. This is a well-constructed comic book with great flow and development supported by creative artwork provided by artist Steven Wilcox. The combination of character development and artistry helps convey the extreme emotional struggles that Perry underwent throughout his life, in pursuit of what he believed he was put on this Earth to accomplish.

In the end, hard work, faith, and a little bit of luck proved to be the perfect combination to help lead Perry to his destiny. This is a truly inspirational tale that teaches the lessons of having faith in oneself, and having the heart to persevere even when times may seem to be at their toughest.

Bluewater Productions has already produced similar comic books based on known figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, David Beckham, and Jennifer Lawrence, and many more are likely to follow as they have proven to be successful in the comic book world.