The city of Lancaster is urging residents to take advantage of the many deals currently available before even larger crowds arrive for the last-minute holiday shopping season. By shopping in Lancaster residents can avoid the hectic hustle and bustle of last minute shopping, while making a significant contribution to the local economy.

“One hallmark of Lancaster is our unique blend of locally-owned businesses along with a number of larger commercial enterprises,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris. “No matter which choices you make with your holiday shopping this year, understand that no matter where you go in Lancaster you will find a convenience and spirit of personal service unmatched elsewhere.”

City officials say a major incentive for Antelope Valley residents to shop locally is the fact that shopping at nearby businesses helps ensure that local wealth stays in the area. In addition, Lancaster businesses tend to hire local employees, as well as make purchases from other nearby businesses as revenues increase. By shopping more locally, Antelope Valley residents save time and put money back into their own pockets.

Nearly 60 percent of every dollar spent in Lancaster will stay in Lancaster, going towards both civic improvements and local wages. Shopping within city limits means that more money will be available for municipal services such as roads, parks, and public safety. Local businesses have a vested interest in the communities in which they operate and will support nearby causes and community groups.

“Residents of the Antelope Valley have learned that the best location to shop for savings, as well as put money back into their own pocket is right here in Lancaster,” said Vice Mayor Marvin Crist. “I encourage every resident who wants to save time and money to shop locally where it means the most to your community.”