Antelope Valley Sheriff's shut down raves before they begin using social media. (30540)

Over the past few weeks, Sheriff’s deputies in the Antelope Valley have been ending raves before they peak by scouring Facebook and other social media websites to find out when and where the parties will be held, law enforcement officials said this week.

A rave planned in northern Los Angeles County, for example, was recently closed down about 11 p.m.—hours before it was scheduled to end, sheriff’s Sgt. Kevin Pearcy said.

“The area of this party was nearly in Kern County and the 5 freeway was only a few miles away,” Sgt. Pearcy said. “The music could be heard from nearly five miles away.”

About 200 people were at the party, but an additional 800 were en route, he said.

Pearcy and Lt. Larry Gregg are part of a task force that focuses on quality-of-life issues in the Antelope Valley.

“The problem is the mob mentality that seems to take place after these folks ingest enough alcohol and drugs,” Gregg said. “I have seen bonfires, tremendous amounts of nitrous oxide, methamphetamine, molly and bath salts being used by these young adults.”

Some rave organizers even advertise that laughing gas and other illegal intoxicants will be available, he said.