Resident disposes of used batteries at Lancaster’s 24-Hour Recycling Center. (25204)

The city of Lancaster received an award from the California Resource and Recovery Association (CRRA) for “Most Outstanding Household Hazardous Waste/Universal Waste and E-Waste Program of 2013,” recognizing the city’s 24-hour recycling center.

The center received the award as a result of the direct impact it has made on reducing illegal dumping throughout the Antelope Valley. Illegal dumping not only results in blight on trails and open spaces, but also poses a risk to public health and wildlife, while creating a major economic burden on local government by diverting funds which could be used for other services.

“Our city has been blessed with an abundance of open land which makes us ideal for industrial expansion, solar energy production, business opportunities, and affordable housing,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “With programs such as the 24 Hour Recycling Center, we successfully encourage residents to keep our valley pristine and free of waste.”

In January of 2012, the city sought to significantly impact the problem of illegal dumping by creating the center and beginning a community-wide environmental recycling campaign designed to reduce illegal dumping. Now, it provides a free location for disposal of common illegally dumped materials such as electronic waste, used motor oil, and antifreeze.

The success of the center stems from its 24-hour accessibility to Antelope Valley residents, as well as its quarterly recycling events. The most recent event occurred this month where 38,052 pounds of E-waste, 1,950 gallons of used motor oil, and 280 gallons of antifreeze were recycled. Recycled items also included quite a number of electrical devices such as phones, fax machines, televisions, monitors, fans, lamps, vacuums, computers, and toys.

The project is said to have saved Antelope Valley residents thousands of dollars a year by reducing illegal dumping disposal costs.

The 24 Hour Recycling Center is located at 615 W. Avenue H between 10th St. West and Sierra Hwy. For more information, call (661) 723-6079.