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LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The City Attorney’s Office filed suit today against the owners of a South Los Angeles home, alleging the property is a gang hangout and has been the “center of all manner of violent crime” for more than a decade.

The complaint was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court against Glenwood and Lennel Farley, the couple who hold title to the property at 318 E. 62nd St.

The suit asks that a judge declare the home a nuisance, order that drug dealing there be stopped and that the Farleys be directed to live there until the problems are corrected.

The suit also asks that gang members be forbidden from visiting the 1,264-square-foot home and that police be permitted to confiscate items within it used in connection with the alleged illegal activities and sell them.

According to the lawsuit, the home is a “longstanding hangout” of the 62nd Street set of the East Coast Crips criminal street gang.

“The constant and conspicuous presence of gang members at the property has attracted numerous and frequent drive-by shootings by rival gangs, posing a grave risk to the public’s safety,” the suit says.

The home is well-known to the LAPD as a place where gang members loiter and sit “en masse” in front of the property, according to the City Attorney’s Office.

“Between Jan. 21, 2002, and the present time, the property has been at the center of all manner of violent crime,” the suit says. “During this period, there have been 12 shootings, resulting in seven people being shot, two of whom were killed, and 10 narcotics offenses, all tied to the property.”

Other crimes have included a physical attack on an elderly man, a sexual assault against a 9-year-old girl and robberies, according to the suit.

Details of many of the incidents are described within the complaint.

“The unabated gang-generated chaos at the property intimidates law- abiding residents from making reports to the police,” the suit states.