LOS ANGELES, Calif.–Chris Rock and a Hungarian model have reached a settlement of a breach-of-contract suit she filed against the 47-year-old comedian alleging he broke an agreement to keep their relationship confidential.

“The matter has been resolved,” attorney Neville Johnson said on behalf of his client, Monika Zsibrita.
Johnson did not divulge the terms of the resolution.

More than a decade ago, Zsibrita filed a paternity action against Rock.

But two DNA tests showed that he was not the father of her daughter. She dropped the paternity action in September 2001 and the two signed an agreement to keep the details of their affair secret.

But she filed a civil suit against Rock in Los Angeles Superior Court in August 2008 alleging he broke that agreement, noting that he talked about their relationship during a 2004 interview with radio host Howard Stern. The suit also cited Rock’s hiring of disgraced private investigator Anthony Pellicano, who is currently serving a 15-year federal prison sentence for wiretapping.

Rock admitted during testimony in Pellicano’s criminal case that he had his lawyer hire the investigator to look into Zsibrita’s claims that he had impregnated her.

The model also alleged her Department of Motor Vehicles records were illegally accessed and that Pellicano obtained a confidential police report in which she alleged she was sexually assaulted by Rock.

But in their court papers, attorneys for Rock stated Zsibrita waited too long to bring her suit. They also chastised Zsibrita for saying she did not know about Rock’s involvement with Pellicano until six months before she filed the suit.

“News of Rock’s hiring of Pellicano was widely reported by the media, including … the L.A. Times, New York Post and the Associated Press,” Rock’s court papers state.

The model may have known about the relationship between Rock and the private investigator as early as 1999, and in August 2003 told the FBI that Rock had hired Pellicano, according to the comedian’s court papers.