I recently ran across an article promoting Black movies that I found interesting. The writer exhorts moviegoers to check out independent films.

In this light, I urge you to check out the Reel Black Men Film Festival 2012 this Friday.

Reel Black Men Film Festival screening and dialogue is an opportunity for emerging African American male filmmakers to showcase their skills, talent and vision through film screenings, while giving the audience a chance to view and discuss the artistry, passion and sacrifice involved in the independent filmmaking process. The festival is presented by the Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center.

Here is a listing of the filmmakers and their films you will enjoy:
“V-Day” (15:40 Min.) Directed by Ashford J. Thomas.
It’s Valentine’s Day. Chuck and Travis, the epitome of the “Odd Couple,” find themselves dealing with the holiday in totally different ways.

“Most Wanted” (14:30 Min.) Directed by Dallas King.
Set in the near future, a very popular drug called hype is causing world governments to debate with the public about its legalization. Destined to stop the controversial drug, Congress initiates the Most Wanted Act, which builds the FBI’s teleport system to “jump” agents across space to target hype distributors.

“Pillow Talk” (8:25 Min.) Directed by Satie Gossett Jr.
“Pillow Talk” is an irreverent comedy short. It takes place in a bar where Jack Larson, in the twilight of his life, has reached out to Samantha in an effort to reconnect and return something that once belonged to her mother. Over the course of the dialogue, Samantha learns that Jack’s motives are not about altruism, but redemption.

“Mr. Right” (23:28 Min.) Directed by William Bright.
“Mr. Right” is a romantic drama about Ashley Myles, who is in the process of getting over the pain from her last relationship that left her emotionally devastated. Fearful of being hurt again, she decides to resume dating in hopes of finding her “Mr. Right” despite her domineering mother’s advice and cynicism.

“Osi” (20:00 Min.) Directed by Kevin Coleman.
A young man tries to escape the pressures of street living with his White, druggie girlfriend.

“Sex With the Jones” (13:07 Min.) Directed by Angel Kou.
How far would you go to rekindle the flames of marriage? Shaun and Renee Jones are faced with that exact question in this hilarious relationship comedy that finds this newlywed couple in some outrageous scenarios all in the name of love.

“The Lift” (15:00 Min.) Directed by Lyndon J. Barrois.
This story of a young man stuck on the road in the late 1920s desperate to get home to Chicago, the woman who comes along and takes him in, their ensuing journey, and the shocking revelation of his true identity.

“Close Call” (7:00 Min.) Directed by Reuben Johnson.
This is a film where temptation tries to get the best of you. Matthew is a well-established guy who has found the love of his life, Isley. They have been together for over a year, so Matthew decides to ask for her hand in marriage. Lust rears its ugly head when Isley’s sister tries to make a play at Matthew. Which road will he choose?

“Bar basol” (20:00 Min.) Directed by Ralph K. Scott.
A story about a man that desires a bond with his elderly father. He realizes that he is running out of time due to his father slipping further into dementia. What he comes to realize is he needs to now turn his attention toward his own son.

The Reel Black Men Film Festival 2012 is Saturday, Aug. 25, from 6 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. at the Raleigh Studios, Chaplin Theater. Admission is $15, which includes film screening, Q&A and reception.

The event takes place at 5300 Melrose Ave. Parking: $5 on the Studio Lot; Street parking is also available. For more information, go to www.bherc.org.

Gail can be reached gail@hollywoodbychoice.com