Disco legend Donna Summer has died following a bout with cancer, according to several sources. The 63-year-old singer reportedly passed away early this morning in her home in Key West, Fla. Her death comes as a surprise to many since apparently only a few people close to her knew she was ill. Even so, some close associates were apparently shocked by her death.
Summer was reportedly working on a new album and had been seen publicly recently and appeared to look healthy.

According to TMZ, Summer had lung cancer, which she believed came from inhaling particles after the 9/11 attacks in New York. She was reportedly working on a new album up to the time of her death.

Summer rose to fame with such hits as “Hot Stuff,” “She Works Hard for the Money,” “Last Dance” and “Bad Girls,” among other tunes. She was the winner of five Grammy Awards.

She was born LaDonna Adrian Gaines on Dec. 31, 1948, in Boston, one of seven children. Her parents were devout Christians. While living in Europe she married Austrian actor Helmuth Sommer, and soon Americanized her name to Summer.

She is survived by her three adult daughters, Mimi by her first husband, Sommer; and Brooklyn and Amanda by second husband Bruce Sudano.