INGLEWOOD, Calif.–A $10,000 reward will be offered today for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever killed a 28-year-old man in Inglewood as he shielded his 8-year-old son from gunfire.

Fredrick Martin, 28, was mortally wounded April 3 in front of his home on West 109th Street, just west of Crenshaw Boulevard.

“Fredrick Martin was killed shielding (his) son from gunfire,” said family spokeswoman Jasmyne Cannick, adding that his family is now “on a mission to find his killers.”

Police officers arriving at the small, single-family home found Martin had shoved his son to the pavement when gunfire erupted, and he took bullets to the abdomen and upper body. The boy had a minor graze wound. According to police, it was one of three unrelated shootings in Inglewood that night.

Martin’s best friend, Joey Hickman, was shot in his ankle in the fusillade.

A news conference will be held at Inglewood Cty Hall today to publicize the award and rquest the public’s help in tracking down Martin’s killer. It will be attended by Hickman, Martin’s sister and other family members, and Inglewood Mayor James Butts.

The grieving family says neither Martin nor Hickman were affiliated with gangs. But Jaaye Person-Lynn, a high school friend of Martin, told the Los Angeles Times that there had been recent problems between gangs in the neighborhood, and Martin could have been mistakenly targeted.

Martin’s widow, Amanda, is expecting their second child.