Omarosa O. Manigault, the self-proclaimed diva who attained national prominence as a villain on the reality television show, “The Apprentice,” which stars Donald Trump, was ordained recently by a national committee of Baptist ministers.

The Rev. Manigault received her ordination on Feb. 18 at Weller Street Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles. The Rev. Dr. H. Beecher Hicks, pastor, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Washington, D.C., preached. Rev. K.W. Tulloss offered the charge to Manigault.

Manigault, widely known simply as Omarosa, achieved great notoriety under a variation of her first name, which the online encyclopedia Wikipedia identifies as Omaroseonee. She seemed to revel in the negative light in which she was viewed by many.

“They don’t call me the top reality villain for nothing,” she once proclaimed on another show. She also who wrote a book called “The Bitch Switch.” On her website, the promo for the book says: “When a woman acts assertively, makes demands, and struggles for what she wants, she is labeled a bitch. The secret is to know when and how to turn on [or turn off] that ‘bitch switch.’ Not being able to locate your ‘switch,’ leaves you open to being a victim; not knowing how to turn it off will get you a label that it is hard to shake.”

Manigault went before the ordination committee, made up of ministers from around the country, led by Hicks.

“Omarosa demonstrated that she was both theologically prepared and scripturally rooted,” the press release noting her ordination stated. “The committee unanimously voted for her to be approved for ordination. Rev. Manigault now has the authorization to serve and perform all standard Christian ceremonies, including marriages, baptisms and funerals.”

“This is the day that the Lord has made, I truly rejoice and am glad it is!” Manigault was quoted as saying. “This was one of the most profound days of my life and my ministry. How amazing I feel to serve God. I made a very personal decision to dedicate my life to the service of the kingdom of God. I intend to continue my seminary studies and to fully discover what God’s plan is for my life and ministry.”

Born Feb. 15, 1974, she grew up in Youngstown, Ohio. She holds a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Central State University in Wilberforce. Ohio. She also did postgraduate work at Howard University in Washington, D.C., and later held a variety of jobs in the Clinton administration.

The press release reveals that she “grew up in the church in her hometown of Youngstown, Ohio, and dedicates her life to her church and her community in the Los Angeles area. Omarosa is currently enrolled in the doctorate of ministry program at Payne Theological Seminary in Ohio.”

“Rev. Omarosa Manigault currently serves as assistant pastor at Weller Street Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles,” the press release says.