I’ll admit it up front; I’m a sucker for happy endings, and the thought that love triumphs over all.

That being said, if you want to see a movie that warms your heart, makes you laugh, and yes, watch out, you may just shed a tear or two, then “New Year’s Eve” is the movie for you.

Director/Producer Garry Marshall (“Valentine’s Day”) once again brings an all-star cast together to help us ring in the New Year.

The lineup includes Academy Award winner Halle Berry as the kind of woman any man would be glad to be with. Rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges plays a New York police officer on special duty.

Two-time Academy Award winner Robert De Niro gives a flawless performance as a man full of regrets, while Hector Elizondo has an ax to grind with the powers that be.

Then there is Ashton Kutcher who has a very bah-humbug attitude about ringing in the New Year. “Glee’s” Lea Michele has big dreams and big trouble. Cutie-pie Zac Efron is a real mover and shaker, while Michelle Pfeiffer is a mousy, fed-up secretary with one heck of a list. Academy Award winner Hilary Swank has first-night jitters for good reason, and Sarah Jessica Parker stars as a mother whose teenage daughter is ready for romance even if mom isn’t.

Jon Bon Jovi, Jessica Biel, Abigail Breslin, Josh Duhamel, Seth Meyers, Katherine Heigl, Til Schweiger, and Sofia Vergara round out the outstanding cast.

“New Year’s Eve” is set in New York City. And let’s face it, New Yorkers are America’s most unique citizens. People come from all over America and the world to rub shoulders with New Yorkers for the biggest party of the year held in Times Square. And that’s exactly where the story begins. What happens if the ball is unable to drop, and the whole world is watching?

And just how many parents try to deliver the first baby of the New Year for a financial prize? Talk about induced deliveries, the race is on.

Producer/director Marshall calls it, “The perfect opportunity to take stock of things, to think about the mistakes of the past year and about how maybe you can do better.” He adds, “Mostly it’s about hope, when everything you want seems possible again, if you’re willing to take another chance.”

And that’s what “New Year’s Eve” is all about, taking chances; be it love, career moves, breaking old habits, or beginning new ones.

The movie addresses these ideas in a collection of individual stories told as if randomly selected from among the countless tales that play out every day. Each stands alone but some touch briefly upon one another, while others ultimately cross paths to a perfect closure.

Marshall says, “In “New Year’s Eve,” there are some very touching moments and a lot of comedy, a lot of different stories to tell, and each one has its own rhythm. I like to move things around, to balance the intensity of one scene against the lightness of another.”

“New Year’s Eve” works on every level. The story telling is flawless, and the all-star cast keeps you wanting more. This is a holiday movie you can see again and again. “New Year’s Eve” opens in theaters Friday.

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