LOS ANGELES, Calif.–Police are investigating the publication of personal information about more than two dozen LAPD captains and some command staff.

A website published anonymously obtained officers’ property records, campaign contributions, biographical information and some names of family members, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The department is conducting a risk analysis that will determine whether police or their families need extra security, LAPD Lt. Andrew Neiman told City News Service.

Neiman said he had not seen the website, but said it was a concern “any time someone involved in law enforcement has personal information accessible to the public, which has a criminal element as well, and subjects them and their family to additional threats.”

Most of the information published on the site was publicly available, and the department’s secure severs do not appear to have been hacked, the Times reported.

The LAPD publishes detailed biographical information about some of its command staff and captains on its own website, www.lapdonline.org/lapd_command_staff. The info includes details about commanders’ and captains’ careers, and in some cases, their hobbies, marital status and the number of children they have.