LOS ANGELES, Calif.–The city’s General Services Department was conducting an investigation into a city worker who was caught on camera buying liquor, drinking while driving and then supervising construction of a wall at the mayor’s house.

The department’s personnel officer, Dan Yoshimura, said he could not comment on specifics of the probe, but he added, “Just from the basic info we’ve seen so far, it screams for an investigation.”

General Services assistant general manager Valerie Melloff said the department began its review immediately after learning of the allegations, which came to light in an investigative report by CBS2/KCAL9. She said the use of alcohol or any controlled substance on the job is a violation of city policy and punishable by a range of actions from “suspension to termination.”

She insisted that the department does not have a systemic problem with workers drinking on the job.

Civil Service Commission executive director Bruce Whidden said the department is likely to issue a disciplinary action, which the employee could appeal to the Civil Service Commission.

The worker, who makes nearly $76,000 per year as a cement finisher supervisor, was caught on hidden camera by CBS2 repeatedly buying mini liquor bottles.

A team of investigative reporters followed the city worker, whose name was not released, for several days. He appeared to routinely visit a Lincoln Heights liquor store, where he purchased several of the small bottles at a time.

The station aired video showing the man apparently drinking while driving a city-owned vehicle.

He also appeared to pick up other people while on the job, including a child, which is a violation of city policy.

“It is wrong. We don’t condone that kind of behavior,” Villaraigosa told Channel 2. “There should be consequences for it.”

The mayor said the employee is seeking medical help.