Struggle is defined as a verb meaning to contend resolutely with a task or problem. In the form of a noun “struggle” is defined as a war, fight, conflict or contest of any kind. In life, more often than not, we as people tend to avoid struggle. This avoidance often contributes to our own failure. I believe our reluctance to engage in struggle stems from our perspective or understanding of the term.

The majority of us have a negative outlook, when it comes to any type of struggle.
However, without this contest or testing of ourselves, could there be any hope of advancement? Many people wish for a perfect world, a world that lacks obstacles and challenges. But, how can perfection be attained without adversity? Without struggle and the trial and error that it comes along with, humanity would become stagnant.

To understand how struggle and success go hand in hand, all one has to do is look to nature. A diamond for instance is formed under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.
Another great way to view success being attained by way of struggle is to observe a baby in its countless attempts to master the art of walking. This is by no means an easy feat, but the results are invaluable.

I asked Adwoa Sasu, a chemistry major attending California State University of Los Angeles, her perspective on “struggle.” She does not like struggle and avoids it at all costs. When asked why she feels this way, Sasu replied “struggling is not a good feeling.” I believe that this view of struggle is a negative perspective and could lead to failure and unfulfilled potential.

If we could simply alter our outlook towards struggle to see what is being produced as a result, then the process would become less agonizing.

Through struggle we build character, discipline and learn to persevere. Qualities that are essential in order to succeed. How can we expect to face any external obstacles, if we have not struggled with and conquered our inner foes. We must eliminate all our excuses not to engage in “difficult” tasks. We must introduce our youth to this new perspective on struggle. They must understand that their adversities are not things to be looked upon with contempt.

On the contrary, our children must be informed that to welcome struggle is to set the stage for the reward of success or the consequence of failure. The deciding factor between the two outcomes is how we perceive the struggle. If we view obstacles as foes come to torture us and deter us from our goals, then the road will be nearly impossible. However, if we view the struggle as a friend sent to help sharpen our skills, then we will become the masters of our own destiny.

So, embrace this pleasant journey of conflicts and obstacles for it is the only way to success.

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