America is going crazy. Well, perhaps. As the ninth anniversary of that dreaded tragedy that still has people wondering what really happened, approaches, it appears as if Americans have turned against each other and have forgotten the true meaning of freedom. Maybe many have never known it, but that is not the point here. What is happening is, people, particularly anti-Islamic, anti-Muslim Americans who are bent on fear have been conspiring against, condemn, and instill a sense of fear in the hearts of Americans who identify with Islam, who call themselves Muslim.

Some would say the fight to eliminate Islam is worth violence and even death.

Stakes have been high since reporters told the public the attackers of the now demolished towers were Muslim extremists and the Transportation Security Administration began double-checking anyone coming through airport security gates who looked like a Muslim.

Perhaps we can thank the propaganda or maybe 9/11 brought out the true passion of Americans.

Whatever the case may be, the heat is rising and Islamic relations between Americans are not getting any better.

On Friday, Muslims across the country and the world will be celebrating what is called Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan – the holy month of fasting. One religious writer expressed that although the celebration is not as noticed in the States, some may mistake the global festivities as a celebration of the 9/11 events.

But that is not all.

The construction of a mosque near Ground Zero has drawn crowds to protest saying it would be an abomination to America to build the worship facility near the fallen towers.

Angry signs from protesters plasters all over the streets of New York and the Internet suggest to build a mosque would be to desecrate the graves of honorable Americans.

One sign reads, “Don’t dishonor my son’s grave. No mosque near ground zero.” Another reads, “Islam builds mosques at the sites of their conquests and victories.”

To top it all off for the week, protesters and Christian Islamophobes are threatening to take matters to a whole new level. A Florida based pastor, Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center has called for a day to burn the Holy Quran. He first posted the announcement on Facebook, encouraging his followers to burn the holy book on Sept. 11, which he dubbed International Burn a Quran Day.

The controversy has escalated so greatly that General David Petraeus, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and movie star activist Angelina Jolie have stepped in to bring a halt to the potentially dangerous act of protest.

World leaders, including the Vatican are concerned that tensions between Muslims across the world and Americans may boil over. Petraeus’ primary focus is on the troops in Afghanistan, explaining the demonstration will make it more difficult for Americans overseas.

Despite the warnings from various leaders, Jones has refused to back down and will continue his plans. In the meantime, international protests have sparked among Muslims, some burning effigies of Jones.

The preacher delivers a thunderous message over the pulpit and through his ministry that Islam is of Satan. He published a book entitled, “Islam is of the Devil.”

His website says, “God has given the body of Christ everything it needs to become an apostolic, overcoming church in America and around the world. But instead of mobilizing for the battle for truth, many Christians today are bowing to society. Mired in political correctness, the church remains ignorant about one of Satan’s most successful, and most accepted attempts to counteract the truth of the gospel – Islam.”

Jones then writes a blog on Sept. 7, “5 More Reasons to Burn the Koran.” The blog begins with, “shock the world into focus,” claiming that people have become numb to violence and marinated in “frivolous dribble.” He goes on with explaining that his actions are justified and will bring out the truth. He ends the blog with a disclaimer of sorts, refusing to take responsibility for any violence that may occur on that day, saying his church’s actions cannot be held accountable for other people’s violence.

Now the days count down and the urgency to amend religious relations deepens, thousands of Americans will continue their anti-Muslim movement.