The City of Los Angeles recently amended an ordinance that targets those who illegally dump, according to Bureau of Street Services Director William A. Robertson, of the Department of Public Works.

The ordinance now authorizes bureau investigators to administratively fine violators based on evidence found in dumped trash that identifies a responsible party.

The altered bill will now impose a fine of $500, $750 and $1000 for each consecutive violation in a 12-month period. The fourth offense will result in a criminal prosecution as misdemeanor violation.
The law makes it illegal to dump any waste materials on public property, without a permit from the Board of Public Works. The ubiquitous problem has been addressed by bureau investigators however, catching violators in the process of the dumping alone is not enough.

“In addition to proactive enforcement of criminal laws, there is a need to hold accountable those who are not observed and who cannot be prosecuted through conventional methods,” said Chief Street Services Investigator Gary Harris.