High school seniors and recent graduates, who are not in summer camp and don’t have jobs, could benefit from a unique boot camp.

The High School Powerline Academy Camp is free and will be held at the East L.A. Skills Center from July 26 to Aug. 6, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The program is funded by Southern California Edison. Students will be taught academic and technical skills and learn about powerline training, alternative “green” energy careers, math, knots, rope and rigging, replacing poles and transformers, first aid, and field safety training. This is an opportunity for students to find out about competitive and lucrative careers in the utility industry.

Applicants must sign up in advance, because space is limited. Interested students can go online to www.elasc.org and get on the waiting list. Click on the box “Powerline Waiting List–High School 2010 Boot Camp” to sign up. They can also call the East L.A. Skills Center at (323) 224-5970 and get details about how to register for the boot camp. Selected applicants will be contacted by the camp staff with more details about the program.