The California Department of Insurance (CDI) offers affordable low-cost auto insurance that provides drivers with the liability insurance required by law.

According to the department, there are millions of uninsured drivers in California, and the numbers are expected to get worse. In this faltering economy, 18 percent of drivers are expected to let their insurance go.

But drivers can afford California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance program–a state sponsored program for struggling Californians who have a good driving record–and payment options are available.

CDI says the monthly payments are about the cost of a movie ticket, and in many areas of California, the program costs around $400 a year, making it even more affordable.

In order to qualify:
* An applicant must be a “good driver”–no more than one at-fault property damage only accident, or one point for a moving violation in the past three years.

* No at-fault accident involving bodily injury or death in the past three years, and no felony or misdemeanor conviction for a violation of the state vehicle code.

* Family meets income eligibility limits of $27,075 for a single person; $36,425 for two persons; and $55,125 for a family of four.

* The value of an insured vehicle must not exceed $20,000.

To learn if you qualify for California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program, visit, or call (866) 60-AUTO, (866) 602-8861.