Recently CEO and Publisher of Our Weekly Natalie Cole and Publisher of Who’s Who in Black Los Angeles Anthony Asadullah Samad hosted a fireside chat and fundraiser for Congressional candidate Karen Bass, complete with great food, amazing entertainment and a beautiful view of Los Angeles from the home of Charles and JoAnn Quarles.
The event had a number of supportive co-hosts, specifically president of Urban X Marketing Starlett Quarles and president and CEO of the Community Financial Resource Center Forescee Hogan-Rowles, who emceed.
Allisonne Crawford graced the audience with her musical stylings, singing a number of selections including an opera piece showcasing her classical training.
The fundraiser was an intimate event, snuggled into a cozy venue where friends and colleagues enjoyed hearing Bass speak on her past experiences while answering questions from the audience about foreign policy, her relationship with President Barack Obama, and how she plans to overcome potential future struggles.
“We all family here,” Samad said repeatedly urging everyone to let go of politically correct hold ups and just be honest. It made for a very relaxed and enjoyable environment full of information, laughs, new experiences and fond memories.
Everyone in attendance apparently held great respect and regard for the Speaker Emeritus and supports her journey to Congress, which showed through their generous contributions and encouraging comments:
“I would describe Congresswoman Karen Bass as a humble, down-to-earth powerhouse, and just what we need. I’ve already started calling her Congresswoman Karen Bass because that is truly how I see her.” –Synthia SAINT JAMES, internationally known artist.
“I went to Hamilton High School with Karen Bass and to see how she has grown is so impressive; especially for her to step out of the position of this crumbling state into a new position with the same challenges. I wish her the best of luck, and hopefully she will bring industry back as a solution to poverty.” –Tim Watkins, president and CEO of WLCAC (Watts Labor Community Action Committee)
“Karen Bass is one of the few people who actively engages in our youth. Our youth are our most precious commodity. Soon to be Congresswoman, Karen Bass is what we need. We should support her every chance we get.” –Brent Burton, president of the African American Firefighters Museum.
“This is my first time attending an event like this, and JoAnn Quarles really encouraged me and made me understand the importance of being a part of events like this, as did my big sister Natalie Cole. I appreciate all that Karen Bass has done, especially through her work with the Community Coalition.” –Bonita Perkins-Pilgram, strategic account manager, UPS.
“This event was an important opportunity for local friends, colleagues, and community folk to interact with Karen Bass on a number of grassroots issues that are important to the community. Bass did an excellent job of responding with clarity and honesty to the questions posed, and we appreciate her leadership. Tonight was an example of what we will see when she gets to Washington, D.C.” –Forescee Hogan-Rowles, president of CFRC.
“I am very excited to be able to represent for the Young Professionals and women of LAAAWPPI (Los Angeles African American Women Public Policy Institute) specifically since Karen Bass was a founding board member. On behalf of the organization and my parents, we wanted to open our home to host this excellent event. The Young Professionals will also host an event at the Savoy using entertainment and arts to change the political paradigm of young professionals, and the proceeds will go to Karen Bass for Congress. We want to show that we can contribute also.” –Starlett Quarles.
“The event was interesting and informative, and I am excited about the fact that Karen Bass is passionate about running for Congress. Therefore I am excited to give my support, because I know she will carry the same zeal and passion for justice and equality as she has throughout her life. I support her without a doubt.” –Judge Mablean-Ephriam.
“Karen Bass is the most significant player in the community right now, and we need to do everything that we can so that she can be as effective in Congress as she has been in the state legislature and as a community organizer.” –Dr. Anthony Asadullah Samad.
“I am excited about supporting my dear friend. She will be a fine addition to Congress and Congresswoman Diane Watson could not have picked a better successor. Congratulations to all who put on this event. It was a success.”– Assemblyman Steve Bradford.