On March 16, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles will examine the role that race plays in contemporary American life and culture. This special event will feature a screening of the critically acclaimed documentary “Legacy: Black and White in America.”
The screening will be followed with a panel discussion on the impact of race and civil rights in the arts. Moderated by cultural commentator Lawrence Weschler, the panel is scheduled to include artists Kerry James Marshall and Daniel Joseph Martinez; museum studies professor Nizan Shaked and filmmaker Richard Karz.
“Legacy” explores the political rise and ultimate historical presidential election victory of Barack Obama against the backdrop of the history and culture of African Americans.
The film focuses on two stories: The story of contemporary life of Blacks in America and the story of the Civil Rights’ generation. Parallels and contrasts are drawn to illustrate the success and failure of integration in the United States and what each reveals about the country’s ideals and its people.
In a nation often divided by various factors (race, religion, political leanings, social class), “Legacy” is about the ongoing need for integration and unity as part of Martin Luther King’s vision of racial equality. The film shows the conflict and divisions that America