Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns” and the second season of “House of Payne” is now on DVD and ready for your collection.

“House of Payne” continues to be one of the top sitcoms on cable television, and with each season it gets better and better. Pretty ironic when you think about all the criticism that was heaped on the show when it premiered on TBS nationwide in 2007; actually it is a successful series based on Tyler Perry’s faith that he could bring a sitcom to cable television that audiences would like. He did his research, even used his own money to test market his dream, prior to cutting a deal with TBS. His vision paid off and the show continues to make television history.

The Image Award winner for Best Comedy Series isn’t afraid to touch on the tough subjects, like drug abuse and other family matters. “House of Payne” focuses on a multi-generational family forced to live under one roof. Everybody is in everybody else’s business which makes for some tense and hilarious moments.

With its smart mix of comedy and drama, Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne,” focuses on a working class family that experiences all of life’s struggles – divorce, rehab, anger management and child custody – with a special blend of faith, love and laughter.

Pops, played by Image Award winner for Best Actor in a Comedy, LaVan Davis is the head of the household, his life and home are disrupted when a house fire forces his nephew’s family to move in, bringing together three generations under one roof. As chaos erupts, it soon becomes evident just how wide the generation gap is as the family makes its way through their hilarious ups and downs.

Perry fearlessly introduces us to actors and characters that are not common to mainstream television, which is perhaps one of his secrets of success. The humor is real and all too familiar.

Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” is a great addition to your DVD library. Volume 2 features 20 episodes and behind the scene goodies.

Get ready to laugh, cry, coo, and fall in love with Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns.” Angela Bassett is priceless, as a divorced mom raising her children in an urban setting that proves to be dangerous for her teenage son with a promising future in basketball. Enter Rick Fox, but sparks don’t fly, at least not right away, just a lot of anger coming from a mother that’s at the end of her rope. But when she gets a letter from her family that she didn’t know existed, things start to fall into place with a lot of laughs and some very shocking moments.

The cast of characters keeps you laughing, including Mr. Brown who prides himself as a snappy dresser, when in reality he isn’t.

The 2-Disc Special Edition DVD includes four original featurettes, while the Blu-ray Disc contains those same four featurettes plus three additional featurettes, and both come with a standard-definition digital copy of the feature film. The standard single-disc DVD will include a Widescreen and Full Screen version of the film.

One of the best things about Tyler Perry’s DVD’s is the behind the scenes activity. There you see the actors and Perry as who they really are and you realize they have fun with each other, and they are funny naturally. Both DVD’s contain bloopers, profiles and much more.

Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns,” and “House of Payne” now on DVD. Get your copies today.

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