By now your DVD library should be rich with great films, documentaries, and past television shows that reflect the best and most controversial of African American life in America. Come June 10, more great films can be added to your collections.

BET’s American Gangster: The Complete Second Season arrives in stores June 10. This well made, incredibly interesting and mind-blowing documentary will have you going back to look at it again and again.

Many of the gangsters, in the truest since of the word, show a side of brilliance and determination that makes you wonder how powerful they would have been if they were on the right side of the law. What’s most incredible is that we get to know first hand those gangsters who survived murder attempts and even prison. We hear their side of the story, why they did it, and how some have prospered by going legit. Amazingly, they appear for the most part to be unrepentant.

This is a three-disc collection with all 10 hour long episodes. The DVD package also includes exclusive bonus features such as extended interviews and a tour of Frank Lucas’ (inspired the Denzel Washington movie, “American Gangster”) infamous “hood.” It makes you wonder how people survived in such a turbulent atmosphere, where the cops were just as bad as the criminals.

The production value of the videos keep you enthralled and the rich voice of Ving Rhames (“Mission Impossible,” “Pulp Fiction”) keep you nailed to your seat.

American Gangster: The Complete Second Season, BET’s explosive examination of the life and times of the 20th Century’s most notorious African American crime figures is an excellent addition to your DVD library.

Also in stores June 10 is Kadeem Hardison movie “What’s Up?” What if you didn’t have two nickels to rub together and you found a brief case full of money? You’d spend it right? That’s exactly what Kadeem Hardison (“Made of Honor”) and Godfrey (“Zoolander,” “Phat Girlz”) does.

But the spending spree ends when these two discover they’re spending the mobs money, and you guessed it, the mob wants it back. The two dream up every scheme they can to pay back the money, with sometimes disastrous, but always funny results.

Hardison is expanding his career by venturing into movie production. And why not, he’s a big and small screen favorite.

Speaking of the small screen favorites, “What’s Happening: The Complete Series” will be in stores June 10. Join Raj and all the gang for a trip down memory lane. The series ran from 1976 – 1979 for 3 seasons. Introduce your kids to one of television’s most popular series that featured black teens.

“Boondocks: The Complete Second Season” will also be released in stores on the 10th. It’s rude, crude and speaks a kind of truth from a very different point of view. If this is your taste, then this is a series of DVD’s you’ll want for your library.

Talk about different tastes in videos, the soap opera spoof “Soap” hits the stores on June 10. If you recall, Robert Guillaume starred as the irreverent, take no mess from white folks butler that kept the crazy inhabitants of the Campbell home in line. It’s a funny take on soap operas, with some very memorable moments. Actors like Billy Crystal as well as Guilliaume made a name for themselves.

And just two days later, June 12 to be exact, “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” starring Martin Lawrence will be released in stores.

Going home is tough, especially when you leave everything you know behind. And that’s just what Roscoe Jenkins did; he became a big star in the big city, and reluctantly returned home for his parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. An all-star cast featuring James Earl Jones, Mo’Nique, Cedric the Entertainer, and Mike Epps will keep you laughing.

The “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” DVD contains extensive behind the scenes footage, interviews with the cast and filmmakers, outtakes, deleted/extended scenes and much, much more. This is one DVD you will surely want in your collection.

Happy Shopping!

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