Measure F

Measure F would amend the city charter to ban the possession, storage, sale and/or use of any fire works within city boundaries. The City Attorney estimates that there should be no fiscal impact on the city.

Supporters of the measure point to the issue of public safety as one reason to support the charter amendment. Compton resident Robert Ray, who wrote the argument in favor noted the miserable air quality, increased demand on public safety agencies, the detrimental effects on household pets and the highly advertised injury risks.

Opponents of the measure point to the fact that a ban on sale of fireworks in Compton could have a detrimental impact on community groups in the city, which during the last 30 years have raised more than $4 million selling state-approved Safe and Sane fireworks. Those against Measure F also say the initiative prohibits the city-sponsored fireworks show, and would lead to a resurgence in gunfire on July 4th.

Measure L

Measure L would amend the City’s Charter to update various sections in accordance with current California law, to delete obsolete and unclear language, and to conform to current law and existing City policies. The proposed changes pose no fiscal impact. A no vote will prevent the City’s Charter from being amended.