Los Angeles, CA — Bishop Violet L. Fisher of Wilmington, Del., is scheduled to conduct a three-nights revival, Wednesday through Friday, March 11-13. The revival will begin at 7 p.m. at Holman United Methodist Church, 3320 W. Adams Blvd., and is sponsored by the Ebony Prophets of Greater Los Angeles.

Bishop Fisher’s ministry began at the age of 16, she was the first woman to be ordained in the King’s Apostle Holiness Church of God. Later she returned to the church of her birth, was ordained deacon and elder in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church. She served as pastor of local churches in Chester and Philadelphia, before becoming a Bishop of the church.

Reflecting on her consecration as Bishop in July 2000, Bishop Fisher stated, “This affirmation speaks to all women, especially women of color.”

Bishop Fisher is profiled in the newly released book, The Leading Women: Stories of the First Women Bishops of the United Methodist Church. Her sermon, “The Day Jesus Took a Short Cut,” is published in The African American Pulpit.

Dr. Henry Masters, senior pastor of Holman and president of the Ebony Prophets, welcomes the public to attend.