Parents and teachers at Crenshaw and Westchester high schools will complete voting on plans to join the Los Angeles Unified School district’s (LAUD) Innovation Division.

Parents at both schools cast their votes yesterday and teachers will submit ballots today. In order, to join the innovation division 50 percent plus one of all parents and legal guardians who vote must agree to the plan, and 50 percent plus 1 percent of all full time certificated state in the United Teachers of Los Angeles bargaining united must agree to the change.

At Crenshaw High, the school will partner with the Urban League and the Tom and Ethel Bradley Foundation to implement their reform plan. Parents, teachers students, school staff as well as the community will have more input into the deliver of education at the school. If the change is approved, work on the new direction will begin tomorrow.

Westchester has partnered with Loyola Marymount University (LMU) and six other feeder elementary and middle schools to produce a plan that will give each campus more control over budget, as well as instructional and staffing choices.

The seven schools will no longer report to the LAUSD district office, but will instead report director the LMU partnership who will then report to the LAUSD iDivision office.

The LMU Partnership will have a board of directors with representation form each school, parents, students and the community and this group will set overall policy for the seven schools.
If both schools vote to become part of the LAUSD iDivision, they will sign contracts with the school board and begin implementation of the chances in September.