The State Allocation Board has awarded two local school districts nearly $20 million to modernize schools and make emergency repairs.
The Los Angeles Unified School District received more than $14. million, and three local schools will benefit from this funding. They include John C. Fremont High School which received $7.93 million while 118th Street Elementary School will get $869,635 and 112th Street Elementary receives $1.8 million.
All three of the campuses will use the funding for modernization.
The LAUSD has also received $7.39 million to make emergency repairs at selected campuses.
Compton Unified School District was awarded $319,937 to make emergency repairs as well.
The funding for these projects comes from State Proposition 1-D Modernization money and is part of a matching grant pr0ogram. School districts must apply and provide 40 percent of the total cost of the project.
At all three of the LAUSD schools, the modernization funds will be used to upgrade their alarm systems. At 112th and Fremont, the district will also upgrade and install computer systems as well as put in new wiring to handle these technology additions.
The district projects that entire project at Fremont should be completed by the end of the year; and the work at the two elementary schools started in June and should be finished by March of 2009.