Jackie Roberts, the mother of 19-year-old Michael Byoune who was fatally shot by Inglewood police officers on May 11 at a Rally’s restaurant, has filed a law suit for $10 million in damages from the city.
Byoune was shot after police officers heard gunshots and believed that gunfire was coming from the vehicle Byoune and several friends were riding in.
Byoune died from his wound, Passengers Chris Larkin, 21, and driver Larry White, 19 were wounded.
No guns were found in the car and no arrests were made in the case.
Attorney Carl Douglas, who is representing Roberts, wrote in the claim, “None of the young men did anything to justify this use of deadly force against them.”
The claim also seeks $10 million each for Roberts and White and $5 million for Larkin. White had a 12-inch rod inserted in his left leg because of his injuries, and Larkin suffered bullet graze wounds to his buttocks and the side of his face.
The city has 45 days to respond to the claim, after which time the claimants have a right to sue the city within six months.
The claim alleges that Officers Brian Ragan and Roman Fernandez fired at the three men because they were African American and that the actions were “part of the custom, habit and practice of members of the Inglewood Police Department.”