The show captures the real and personal everyday lives of African American teens growing up in Baldwin Hills. This season will feature five of the original cast members while introducing five newcomers to the top-rated show.
The opener of season two of the 10-episode show is hosted by returning cast member Sal. Tensions quickly arise when warring cliques and shocking revelations are disclosed as new faces and old friends get together for what’s suppose to be a good time. Veteran cast member Staci struggles to balance college life and financial realities; supermodel-in-training Gerren is determined to show her ex Moriah, that he’s lost a good thing; and new cast members Aunjel and “the not so friendly” Lor’Rena deviously plot to destroy Moriah’s new relationship.
Behind the scenes, it seems that Ashley is still struggling to decide whether she wants to follow in her mom’s (actress Vanessa Bell Calloway) footsteps after attending Spelman College, or pursue her dream of dancing. New additions Seiko and Justin find that they have a checkered past in common, but Justin reveals a surprise that could be a red light for Seiko. Football star and newbie Jonathan is working overtime to balance athletics and the dream of giving back to his community, and baseball heartthrob Moriah finds out that a “kick-back” can also be a battlefield as ex-girlfriend Gerren and “mean girl” Lor-Rena compete for him in front of his new girlfriend.