Congresswoman Diane E. Watson (D-33-California) joined Congresswoman Hilda Solis; LA. Councilwoman Jan Perry; Willis Edwards, NAACP; Alex Nogales, National Hispanic Media Coalition, Hank Lacayo, Congress of California Seniors and other community leaders to announce a major education campaign to raise public awareness regarding the nation’s upcoming Digital Television(DTV) Transition. Representative Watson presented the following statement:
“Thank you to the NAACP and National Hispanic Media Coalition for collaborating with Congressional leaders, the Federal government, and industry partners for the purpose of educating the public about this very important digital TV transition.
Every one of us is working toward a smooth and effective process. Last February 2008, I held a Town Hall Meeting to inform senior citizens about the transfer from analog to digital TV because I do not want a single American waking up to a snowy screen on February 18, 2009.
Awareness of the digital transition is not where it needs to be. One survey found that almost a third of African-Americans were not aware that the transition is taking place.
We are fighting against some difficult obstacles. Millions of consumers are still either unaware of the digital transition, confused about what it means, or are not taking action necessary to prevent them from going dark.
So over the next nine months, leaders at every level and in every sector – federal, state, local, city and county, private sector and public – will be doing everything we can to inform our constituents about the transition.
One message I have for everyone: expect to hear from us a whole lot more between now and February 2009. You will hear from multiple sources, in multiple formats, in multiple languages, and multiple times: the digital transition is here and we need you to act.
The government is here to help, but we need you to help us as well. Please call (323) 965-1422 or visit my website at to learn what you may need to do between now and February 2009. The transition will cost you some money but discount coupons may be available. Also, it may require you to take a few simple steps to prevent your television from going dark.
Thank you again to the leaders gathered with me today for your commitment to consumer education and dedication to the Los Angeles community.”