It seems a rather odd tradition, but one that nevertheless has proven to be effective; cool off theater goers with some of the hottest movies of the year. Indeed the big guns come out during the summer and this year is no different.
The much anticipated “Sex and the City: The Movie” will be hitting theaters May 30. The girls are back and this time Academy Award-winning actress, Jennifer Hudson (“Dreamgirls”) is joining the cast as Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) assistant. This is a new character and a great opportunity for Hudson to shine.
Moviegoers can also count on being shaken to the bone with Writer/Director M.Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening” coming June 13. Starring Mark Wahlberg, you can always count on Shyamalan to include a multi-cultural cast and why not, when it comes to world disasters we’re all impacted. It seems an apocalyptic crisis is at hand, and the powers that be are trying to discern if it’s man made, or a product of a powerful enemy. Wahlberg, his family and many others are on the run, trying to save themselves and something of humanity. The action is mysterious, frightening and of course deadly…and it will make us all wonder, where are the bees and why are they disappearing?
Okay, he may not be of color in the ethnic sense, but he is green and he’s a comic book and well as TV favorite, “The Incredible Hulk” starring Edward Norton as scientist Bruce Banner will be in theaters June 13. For fans of the TV series this movie will be a must see.
Another TV favorite will be making the scene come June 30. Steve Carell (“Evan Almighty” “40 Year Old Virgin”) will star in “Get Smart” as agent Maxwell Smart. This time he’s joined by Agent 23, none other than Dwyane Johnson (The Game Plan), looking good as usual, Johnson plays a tough agent who luckily doesn’t have to work with Maxwell Smart…or does he?
Mike Myers is back and this time he’s “The Love Guru” coming June 20th. How’s this for a twist, the all-star cast features Romany Malco (“Baby Mama”) has a Canadian hockey player, who has hit a downward spiral because his estranged wife played by Meagan Good (“Stomp the Yard”) is seeing American hockey player, Justin Timberlake. Jessica Alba, the owner of the Canadian team solicits the help of Pitka (Myers) to bring the couple back together in the hopes the Canadians will win like never before. Particular kudos to the filmmakers for the casting of this film; it’s a thrill to see Meagan Good in this kind of film, and a black hockey player? If you’re a fan of Mike Myers (“Shrek” movies, “Austin Power” movies) then you know to get prepared to laugh.
“Wanted” is no laughing matter. This hot, hot movie stars Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, Common and James McAvoy as a nerd turned superhero. In theaters June 27th,
this film based on the most successful Russian film franchise in history, “Wanted” will have you jumping out of your seats. The special effects alone will wow you, and the plotline filled with secret societies and death defying adventures will have you begging for more.
Looks like another ‘big Willie weekend’ is coming your way July 2, Will Smith stars in “Hancock” a fallen superhero is in need of redemption. As a result he enters into a questionable PR plan that may do him more harm than good.
Eddie Murphy heats up the screen with “Meet Dave” coming to theaters July 18. Gabrielle Union also stars in this hilarious film about human-like, miniature aliens seeking a way to save their doomed planet. Murphy plays a duel role, one we won’t soon forget.
Batman returns as “The Dark Knight” July 18 with Christian Bale, and Morgan Freeman reprising their roles. Out to rid Gotham of bad guys, Batman runs into the ultimate evil doer, ‘the Joker’ played by the late Heath Ledger.
And Ice Cube, Tasha Smith, and Keke Palmer star in the true story of a young girl who follows her dreams and puts a city on the map. “Longshots” is in the theaters July 25.
See you at the movies.
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