Three African American business organizations have joined forces to develop a program that will help more black-owned companies become suppliers to major corporations.
The National Black Business Council (NBBC), the Black Business Association (of Los Angeles) and the California Black Chamber of Commerce have created the African American Supplier Engagement Collaboration and have secured $250,000 in funding across the next two years from Verizon to launch the effort.
The program will consist of a database where African-American businesses can register their companies, and which corporate purchasing departments and officials can access to find potential suppliers.
Companies can be identified and sorted by product, ethnicity, standard industrial code, city, state and even zip code.
The database is currently operating on the NBBC web site and consists of some 56,000 federally certified 8(a) companies. Thanks to the collaboration any black business can now join the modified database. This service is offered at
In the next few months, the collaboration will also launch an online tutorial designed to teach African American entrepreneurs the skills required to bid on corporate contracts.
For more information about the collaboration, call (310) 637-7248.